We’ve been working hard on our own little piece of the Internet to bring you website-eye candy that provides an enjoyable experience on all devices – In short, we’re proud to say that we believe the Cave Inc. website qualifies for official launch!

It’s taken us a while to get to this stage, what with “life stuff” rearing its head a few times, so we’d like to take this time to share with you a quick overview of the design and development processes involved in the creation of our very own website. In doing so, we hope you’re able to get a rough idea of what we’re about at Cave Inc., and whether our workflow sounds like a workflow that would match your workflow, y’know?

The Project

The Goals

Like with any project, the first step was to define measurable goals, in both the business and project realms, for our website. Once ascertained, we knew these goals would act as a guiding light even in dark times we knew would come (those times where you hit a wall and want to tear up the website and start afresh, sound familiar?). Here’s what we came up with.

We need a website that:

  • Generates leads for us to win contracts

Note: In our opinion it’s best to keep the list of your ultimate goals slim, this means that you won’t stretch yourself too thin and end up with a website that does nothing particular well whilst trying to do everything.

In order to do so, our website should:

  • Have a clean design that presents the content, not overshadows it
  • Allow us to really show how great our work is
  • Provide clear and accessible ways to contact the two of us
  • Provide prospective clients with estimated price ranges to allow them to quickly establish whether we’re in budget
  • Provide us with a platform to really shape ourselves as a personality via blogging

The Questions


Easy, WordPress. This decision deserves an entire blog post in itself, but what more reason do you need than:

In a talk that also included details on the next two versions of WordPress, Mullenweg said, “We’re now up to 18.9 percent of the web running WordPress. … We’re going to see the number of people who have WordPress as part of their daily habits grow exponentially.”

Source: http://venturebeat.com/2013/07/27/19-percent-of-the-web-runs-on-wordpress/


Having set out our goals, we already knew the main characteristic we wanted to go with in terms of design: Clean. For us this singular aesthetic goal was enough to push us in the right direction. Other resources drawn upon for design inspiration include BE3DesignsFreelancer and Full Frontal Media.


Transposing design to development isn’t a piece of cake, but having the uber powerful content management system WordPress and it’s community on your side makes things just a wee bit easier. We’ve recruited aid from a few delightfully badass plugins too, here are a few of those little goodies that make Cave Inc. the website it is today:

Did I mention? They’re free!

Key Takeaways

For us, every project teaches us something new. Whether it be to avoid that plugin, use that font or bookmark that online resource, we’re always thrilled to add the best bits of the project to our website design and development arsenal. With our own website project the biggest takeaway for both of us was to make use of the help available to the WordPress community.

Jacquelyn Cardinal

Jacquelyn Cardinal

Founder and Director at Cave Inc.
Jacquelyn has a passion for working with small companies and individuals to refine and communicate their messages through website design and development. A big believer in substance not having to sacrifice style, she has created beautiful, functional products for clients in Edmonton, AB and around the world with Cave Inc.
Jacquelyn Cardinal