This week on the mailbag, we’re talking about how to blog because a couple weeks ago we got an email that went something like this:

“I’m struggling with “blogging”. I know how to post and update just not sure what and how often to do so.“

Here’s the good news and the bad news: there is no right answer. Blogging is supposed to be an extension of your business and as such can feature any topic at all, and can be updated any time you’d like.

That being said, there are some rules of thumb that can help make the process something enjoyable for you and something that can be effective for your business.

So here are our top 3 tips for how to blog:

How to Blog Tip #1: Consistency is King

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Maybe your schedule is blogging once a week, maybe it’s once per day, maybe it’s once per month – whichever sounds like you can best manage on a consistent basis. Not only does this make it easier to keep up with on your end, it’s also something your audience can come to rely on.

How to Blog Tip #2: Research before you write

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As for what to blog about, the ol’ google actually works really well for drumming up ideas! You can type in the search bar something to do with your industry and see what auto-completes (which means that’s what people are searching for), cruise around other bloggers sites and see what inspires you, or even interview your clients (or just think back to questions they might have asked you in the past) for ideas to blog about.

If you’re a pro, you can also use the tool to see what is making waves online right now.

How to Blog Tip #3: Set realistic expectations

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Something that I think a lot of people get stuck on is trying to make everything they put on their blog something genius and the first of its kind. Here’s something that might help to remember: information is cheap nowadays. It’s silly to try and compete only with “new” or “novel” information. Where does that leave you then?

Well, people will always be interested in other people and in different viewpoints and different experiences. Just be you, be real, and don’t worry about being cutting-edge.

I hope this helps!

– Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn Cardinal

Jacquelyn Cardinal

Founder and Director at Cave Inc.
Jacquelyn has a passion for working with small companies and individuals to refine and communicate their messages through website design and development. A big believer in substance not having to sacrifice style, she has created beautiful, functional products for clients in Edmonton, AB and around the world with Cave Inc.
Jacquelyn Cardinal